Inside one of the city’s beautiful, well-rounded, and exceptional suburban neighborhoods to reside in


About Boston

One of the most populous and historic cities in the continental United States is the great city of Boston. As we all know, it’s the capital of Massachusetts and the largest, probably most well-known city in the entirety of New England. Being that it’s one of the oldest municipalities in the country, it’s got quite a lot to offer.

We first learn about Boston in our elementary education, a hotspot during the early years of the nation’s development. It’s become quite a stereotyped yet comical attitude depicted in film and media, but truth be told Boston is more than a big accent.

There’s so much to explore between the boutique shopping, culturally rich food and drink scene, prestigious higher education, and more. Boston has become a home to many young professionals as well as families; many people even grew up here and stayed ever since! If you’re looking to visit or maybe even live here, there is sure to be a place for you to settle!

In fact, there’s a suburb located in Boston that offers just the right balance of community with things to do. Look no further than Brookline!


Brookline: A Bostonian Beauty

Brookline is a highly-rated, relatively high-end suburb of Boston! It’s one the best neighborhoods to live within the greater Boston area, and appeals to young and older people alike.

Known for its urban yet cozy and safe environment, you can find a healthy balance of renting versus ownership when it comes to residence inquiries. It is a wonderful suburb for families to settle due to the tight-knit and incredibly friendly community!

You’ll notice much of Brookline’s architecture and infrastructure greatly represents the historic richness Boston has to offer. The deep brick, traditional colonial foundation, and notes of historical landmarks throughout the neighborhood keeps the city’s history very much alive.

If it’s a neighborhood in Boston, you know it’s got to have good eats! Brookline has great bars, restaurants, and even coffee shops! Some of the most popular places for a dining experience include Taberna de Haro, The Publick House, Burro Bar Brookline, Cutty’s, and Brother’s & Sister’s Co.!

Aside from the lovely dining and shopping options in Brookline, it’s proven to be quite the reputable place for education. It has some of the highest ranking academic institutions in Boston, which pays tribute to some of the many academically renowned establishments in the greater Boston Area. Public school options include Brookline High School, Heath School, and the Pierce School. If, however, you want to explore the prestigiousness of Boston’s private education then schools such as Noble and Greenough, Commonwealth School, and Boston University Academy are just three of the tens if not hundreds of options!

Aside from the wonderful education system, residents of fine Brookline rave about the easily accessible public transportation, historic elements, and plenty of fun things to do!


Things To Do In Brookline

Looking to see all that Boston has to offer within the Brookline area? Say less!

Here are just some of the many exciting places to go enjoy Bostonian fun!

John F. Kennedy National Historic Site: This national site is particularly the late President’s birthplace and early childhood home, where he was born in 1917. It’s a modest yet classic Boston home and represents the foundational beginning of one of the most famous American families. You can partake in a guided tour of the area!

Coolidge Corner Theater: Since 1933, Coolidge Theater has been a one-stop shop for all kinds of fun entertainment! They show Hollywood classic film, fun family variety shows, puppet shows, late-night horror showings, dance companies, and more! They are incredibly family friendly and will have something for every age to enjoy! Pre-pandemic Coolidge used to have in-person education programs, but they’ve moved many of them onto a virtual platform!

Allandale Farm: Known as Boston’s last working farm, Allandale offers produce and groceries from some of the finest vendors! They are also home to a full Garden Center and have regular events to explore all kinds of farm fun! They even have a summer camp for kids age 4-13 a chance to be exposed to outdoor fun while learning in an engaging way!

Larz Anderson Auto Museum: This museum was founded by American diplomat Larz Anderson and his wife Isabel Weld Perkins. It’s home to America’s oldest car collection as well as many themed exhibits! They also provide lectures, educational programs, and even serves as a venue for car meets on occasion.

Clay Center for Science and Technology: Clay Center has a center dedicated to Science and Technology for educational and research purposes. They have a state-of-the-art astronomical observatory alongside seven telescopes, labs, a lecture hall, and loads of public opportunities to experience intriguing scientific programs.

Brookline Arts Center: Brookline has its own visual arts center to bring the community together for alluring and creative performances. Aside from their community classes and exhibitions, a numerous amount of dance, acting, and artistic performances can be seen!

Museum of Bad Art: Yeah, there’s a museum just for bad art. The MOBA is a community based private institution that showcases and celebrates all forms of BAD art. It used to be housed in a basement, but now many come on weekdays and weekends to absorb all the art they want for FREE.


Questions About Brookline?

Check out the official Brookline website for all information about this amazing suburb!

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