Our most popular math subjects


Algebra is a notoriously difficult subject. Whenever the Earle brothers (our co-founders) tell people that they own a mathematics education company, peoples’ most common comment is normally about their struggles with algebra as a high school student. And that’s for good reason. Algebra is really tough! Eric M Earle recalls struggling greatly in Algebra as a high school student. Now he is so thankful that he owns a math tutoring company that helps students conquer this tough subject. 



Pre-calc is also one of the most feared subjects among students. We think pre-calc is so hard because it introduces some fundamentally difficult concepts such as parametric equations & and the limits of series. (Those just sound hard, don’t they?) Many times students just can’t catch up in pre-calc. They can’t master these topics. Normally they are also still behind from algebra class! That’s why 1-on-1 private education is often helpful in these difficult courses. 



Geometry is one of the oldest subjects known to humankind. Geometry is difficult because it requires students to think differently about mathematics. No longer is math confined to formulas, plug-and-chug equations, & order-of-operations. In geometry, mathematics consists of visualization and the ability to understand and apply terms & definitions. We’ve also found that students often struggle with geometric proofs.


honors math

Honors math can get really tricky. We definite honors math as any accelerated mathematics course. These range from IB to AP to accelerated math courses. Normally, these courses move quickly and require much more effort of students (relative to standard classes). That’s one reason that many students struggle with these courses—and often end up reaching out to us for assistance. We’re happy to help with AP exams, too. 


lightening-quick results

Lighting quick results are certainly possible with our tutoring. Sign up for our platinum membership if you’d like quick success. Better yet, enroll in tutoring 5-7 days per week. When our co-founder Eric M Earle was learning to surf, he had a private 1-on-1 lesson every single day. He improved vastly quicker than his peers who were flailing in the water and struggling to catch waves. Eric easily caught waves and blew past all of them. The same goes with tutoring and math education. It’s all learning. The more individual tutoring sessions you use, the better your results will be! 

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our tutors drive to your home

We believe in the power of in-home tutoring. We know that most families are really busy. Or, at least, the parents aren’t interested in driving around the city during rush-hour. And many students prefer having tutoring in-home. In their mind, it only takes up 1 hour instead of 2+. After an in-home tutoring lesson, the student can go right back to some video games, playing outside, or maybe even doing some homework. We believe in helping families have more time. Tutoring actually frees-up your time because the sessions are more efficient than solo-study.

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 research-based strategies

We believe in using research-based strategies for our tutoring sessions. Most of this research was discovered by our co-founder, Eric M Earle. Eric was studying mathematics himself at college, when he stumbled onto the idea of active learning. He realized that students learn mathematics when they verbalize their thought process & understanding, not by being lectured at. It’s when students are most active & engaged that they learn most. That’s why many traditional lecture-based courses fail students. But active learning is where tutoring can shine.

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We offer one free in-home math tutoring session for every household in the Boston area (assuming your home is within our driving radius). Boston families with a middle or high school student enrolled in a mathematics course are eligable.