With a vast amount of options, the Boston area is full of GREAT academic institutions


Boston’s schools  have academic rigor, leadership, and deep history that runs nearly as long as the city itself


To ensure a child’s ability to thrive and pursue the world as best they can, it’s imperative to give them any opportunities to exercise their inherent talents. In fact, in recent years, a bunch of private institutions have become much more popular for their intimate approach to this collective mission.

Boston, a popular and bustling New England city, is for sure a prime example.

Throughout the greater and surrounding area of Boston are independent, preparatory, and immersive schools. They all strive to emphasize academics, diversity & inclusion, extracurriculars, and leadership in their unique ways.


Top 10 Best PRIVATE High Schools in and near Boston!

Phillips Academy Andover: This top private academy ensures to gather a student body of “youth from every quarter” to commit to nurturing a diverse community. Phillips strives to create the most inspiring, intense, and engaging coursework by offering over 300 courses; that include 8 world languages and 150 electives! They desire to create a publicly-centered purpose within their private institution, educating students on prevalent world topics so they can best engage in civic discourse.

Groton School: They refer to their tight-knit community as The Circle to emphasize that their intimate environment is their utmost strength. Groton wants to broaden their student’s passions and education, not narrow them; that’s why they do not focus on specialization in their coursework rather cultivate an individualized education designed for the unique students. One of their most outstanding traits is the Spirituality incorporated into their experience; the students can partake in services of their choice to remain grounded and in tune with their spiritual selves.

Noble and Greenough School: N&G offers schooling for Middle (7th-8th grade) as well as Upper (9th-12th grade) schools, even insightful 30-month college counseling arrangements. They deeply prioritize faculty-student relationships to establish a passionate yet arduous academic dynamic. In the spirit of maintaining community, the institution offers both Day and Boarding options for all backgrounds of students. They have a prominent Arts program, over 60 extracurricular organizations, and even award-winning athletics!

Commonwealth School: With over 50% of students of color, Commonwealth’s education is all about diversity at its core. Through careful analysis, leadership, and academics that both excite yet to challenge the students, this independent high school wants the pupils to be best prepared for any endeavor they have in their adult lives. Not only that, but they have a 4:1 student-faculty ratio and only about 145 students total; they take true time and care to fortify relationships for extraordinary experiences.

Concord Academy: Concord advertises their “rigorous, wide-as-you-can-dream” curriculum, about their mutually supportive environment (they do not have a class ranking system or give honors). However, they require all students to participate in Co-curricular activities, Computer Science courses, and even Arts (both Visual and Performing). Aside from their well-rounded approach to learning, the student body meets four times a week in their infamous Chapel to listen to a senior or faculty member bestow a fifteen-minute speech to the audience!

Boston University Academy: BUA is an independent high school located right on the Boston University campus. Fun fact; they are the only school in New England that’s a part of a major research university! Because of their proximity, BUA offers rigorous college preparatory programs; some students are even taking the equivalent to 48 college credits by the time they become upperclassmen. A great benefit of this institution’s college-like appeal is that students gain automatic admission into Boston University if they are in good academic standing.

Milton Academy: Milton boasts having individual, passionate, talented, opinionated, and curious students of the sort. With 200 students who report volunteering efforts weekly and over 20 student events per month, this school makes it all about the pupils and their talents. This K-12 college preparatory school, and boarding school for grades 9-12, molds critical yet creative thinkers of the sort. One of their most outstanding initiatives is Sustainability; in fact, they utilize sustainability when assessing resource use, campus infrastructure, and empowered school-wide decisions to inspire the community beyond their time at Milton.

Middlesex School: Their comprehensive progression through academics is the core of their institutional approach to learning. For instance, Middlesex requires a four-quarter rotation in various Arts courses, a prominent Writer’s Workshop, 5 World language options, and over 20 options in AP courses for a rigorous pace in academia. Aside from their intense learning parameters, Middlesex has a multitude of extracurriculars. They highly encourage participation in the Arts, and even embark on field trips to the Museum of Fine Arts or Institute of Contemporary Art; both are located right in Boston! 

Buckingham Browne & Nichols School: BB&N is a K-12 Day school with an invigorating attitude towards learning. Aside from their forward-thinking academics, BB&N includes Co-curricular activities such as community service, athletics, the arts, and more! They have THREE campuses dedicated to each of their schools: The Lower School (Beginners through grade 6), Middle School (grades 7 & 8), and the Upper School (grades 9-12). Each of the school campuses ave individualized programs for each of the grades and their level of intellectual curiosity.

St. Mark’s School: St. Mark’s is an Episcopal, co-ed preparatory school and one of the oldest private boarding schools in New England! They function on a less conventional schedule as a school, running six days a week (with half days on Wednesdays and Saturdays). This helps them to constitute an intense yet consistent and seamless relationship between students and their learning. They have a wide array of Signature programs to further broaden their values in leadership, intellectual, and character development. Some of their programs can include Sustainability, Global Citizenship, a STEM Fellowship, Community Service, and more.

You can click on each of the high schools’ names to check out their websites for information!

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