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A School’s Generous Approach to Educate the Youth Responsible for Our Future


An introduction to the rich vision, values, and curriculum of an academic institution right outside Boston – and how to apply!


Phillips Academy at a Glance

Approximately twenty miles outside of the bustling and vivacious city of Boston, Massachusetts is an immersive institution for young minds to explore their intellect. You’ll find one of the greater Boston area’s finest academies, Phillips Academy, located in Andover, MA. This school is rich in history, vision, values, and action! 

Phillips Academy is a co-educational day as well as a boarding school for grades 9 through 12; it was founded in 1778, which means it is nearly as old as the United States! While they widely acknowledge their approach to learning is saturated with tradition, they take expansive time and care to modify their foundations to accommodate modernized education. They have a second location in Exeter, New Hampshire, and share a heartening rivalry; in fact, it’s one of the oldest rivalries our country has endured.

The first classroom this school occupied originated in a converted carpenter’s shop; they also shared the early campus with America’s first established graduate institution known as the Andover Theological Seminary. Once they relocated to Cambridge, Andover inherited a lot of what is now their present-day campus! An early portion of the 20th century was allotted towards the school’s well-deserved and necessary expansion!

Fast forward to now, Phillips has exerted a multitude of efforts to converge its aspirations with the experiences of both the student body and faculty. They filmed and produced an immersive, empowering Vision Film for a sneak peek into their vivacious community. They’ve taken active measures to observe the evolution of education to ensure they maintain aligned action for the best of their pupils.

According to a page located on their intricately designed website, Phillips’ core values range from academic excellence to knowledge & goodness by accepting “youth from every quarter” into their “private school with a public purpose”. Despite their exclusivity, this is a school that provides an educational experience able to prepare its students for active yet principled community engagement. 

The academic curriculum this school offers seriously lives up to their collective expectations. Did you know they offer over 300 courses, eight world languages, AND 150 electives? This is to guarantee that every unique individual at Phillips can find something suited for their passions and talents! Although the breadth of their education is quite large, the student-to-faculty ratio of five-to-one maintains their desired intimate atmosphere. Aside from their universal diploma requirements, Phillips prides itself on scholarly opportunities for those who have extensively exhausted their general curriculum.

Outside of Phillips’ academic sphere is a vibrant and inclusive life for students to enjoy! Social life is just as important to their development as learning is. Whether they are daytime attendees or reside on the campus, there is plenty for them to do. Students thoroughly love planning events and running their individualized organizations on the campus. They have over 125 student-run clubs and organizations ranging from athletics to the arts and even activism!  

This is also a passionately interfaith environment that accommodates all spiritual and religious faiths. The school’s chapel is home to many studies, discussions, and services to deepen the faith of all who attend.

If you want to take a glimpse into Phillips Academy Andover, you can check out this inspiring video!


Application Process & Parameters

If you or someone you know is profoundly interested in attending this fine academy, there is a process that has to be embarked on.

What does it take to get into Phillips? Quite a bit.

Because this school is quite preparatory, there’s certain information that has to be provided for a selection committee to review. This is to make sure that this is a fit for both the prospective student AND the school itself.

Much like a college, there is a formal application process due the winter/spring before the following school year.

Clear-cut steps outline this process:

  1. Fill out the Inquiry Form to receive the Admissions catalog and join the Mailing List! This is REQUIRED for all who want to apply to Phillips.
  2. Register for the OPTIONAL standardized test. This will vary based upon year, the entering grade, and residential status! They provide a detailed policy on the Application page.
  3. Schedule a Virtual interview! Phillips wants to meet all candidates and get to know them better before deciding the fate of their admission status.
  4. Complete an intricate Candidate profile! This profile encompasses the cultivation of questions and information about the student. This is the first ACTUAL step to the Application. 
  5. Submit the Application! This includes a short answer and essay section, the Candidate profile, official transcripts with grades, various recommendations, and a virtual interview. For those who are applying for financial assistance, that application must be completed as well!

Once this process is completed by the instructed due date, all you have to do is wait for the final results of the application!


Curious to know more? Have more questions?

You can look at their Frequently Asked Questions page OR check out their Instagram!

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