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100% focused

Math Tutor Boston is 100% focused on in-home mathematics tutoring for k-12 students in the Boston area. The Earle brothers believe that life is really “all about focus.” It’s their motto. They live focus. So when they were starting a tutoring group here in Boston—they knew they wanted to focus. They didn’t want to try and teach Japanese and a million other things. Their mission was to focus. They honed in on mathematics and made it their goal to improve the state of math education in Boston.

Not only are we 100% focused on everything at the intersection of mathematics & Boston—we are also 100% focused on your family and your student’s academic success.

Eric M Earle, our co-founder, has been involved in tutoring since 2012. Since then he has learned a few things about learning & education and how to help position students for the future. One of his biggest realizations was that math & reading are some of the most difficult subjects for students to master. And these are also two of the most critical. Nearly every professional job will require strong mathematics and/or writing ability. Eric believed that based on the current state of education in American generally, and Boston specifically, mathematics was the area where he and his team could make the biggest impact. 

We are happy to offer a free in-home mathematics tutoring session to all families in the Boston area who have a high school or middle school student enrolled in a local mathematics course. 

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